This Woven Kingdom Series by Tahereh Mafi 2 Books Collection Set - Ages 12+ - Paperback/Hardback

Titles In The Set:

1. This Woven Kingdom
2. These Infinite Threads(Hardback)


This Woven Kingdom
To all the world Alize is a disposable servant, never to be known for who she really is: the long-lost heir to an ancient Jinn kingdom. She is hunted always, forced to hide in plain sight lest she expose herself to danger.

Until one day, she makes a mistake.

The crown prince, Kamran, has heard the prophecies; he knows of the fearsome monster promised to kill his king. Darkness is fast descending upon his empire, driving Karan to desperately seek out its source. But as he grows ever more suspicious of the servant girl with the strange eyes, the more he learns about her - and the harder it is to turn away. Even if falling for someone like Alize means forfeiting everything he's ever known.

This Woven Kingdom is a story of clashing empires, forbidden romance, and a long-forgotten queen - who must claw her way through darkness to reclaim her throne, rebuild her kingdom, and save her people from the half-lives they've been forced to live.

These Infinite Threads(Hardback)
With the heat of a kiss, the walls between Alizeh, the long-lost heir to an ancient Jinn kingdom, and Kamran, the crown prince of the Ardunian empire, have crumbled. And so have both of their lives.

Alizeh, the heir to the Jinn throne, is destined to free her people from the half-lives they’ve been forced to live under human rule. When Kamran, the heir to the human throne, falls in love with her, he’s forced to question everything he’s been taught about Jinn.

Kamran’s grandfather lays dead at the hand of Cyrus, ruler of the neighboring kingdom of Tulan. Cyrus has stolen Alizeh away to his homeland and plans to marry her there, giving her everything she needs to become the Jinn queen—and when she assumes the throne he will have fulfilled his own bargain with the devil.

Alizeh wants nothing to do with Cyrus’s deal or the devil. But without a way to escape Tulan, and with the fulfillment of her own destiny tantalizingly close, she’ll have to decide whether she can set aside her emotions to become the queen her people need.

Kamran, meanwhile, is picking up the pieces in Ardunia. Facing betrayal at every turn, all he knows is that he must go to Tulan to avenge his grandfather. He can only hope that Alizeh will be waiting for him there—and that she hasn’t yet become the queen of Tulan.