The Flat Stanley Adventure 12 Books Collection Box Set By Jeff Brown - Children's Literature - Paperback



Flat Stanley has been a children’s favourite since creator Jeff Brown published the original book in 1964. This twelve-volume box includes the original classic adventure, as well as four additional surprising tales from the mind of Jeff Brown. Not to mention seven trips around the world for Flat Stanley from authors Sara Pennypacker and Josh Greenhut! What a collection! This set is among our bestsellers and that pretty much sums up why. It’s fantastic fiction at its finest for children aged 7-9 who love humour and like to read all about travel adventures!

Flat Stanley was just your average boy until a pinboard fell on top of him. This accident left him completely flat, so he could slip and slide under doors and even be posted to different countries. The world-famous Flat Stanley passes through Canada, Africa, China, and Australia on his exciting adventures. The work has become one of the most beloved series at home and in schools. It’s full of playfulness, hilarity, and comedic scenes. 

Flat Stanley has travelled to all the world’s wonders, from ancient ruins to magnificent architecture. Stanley has been entertaining children through the generations and has inspired the Flat Stanley Project. Schoolkids colour in a big picture of Flat Stanley, write a letter all about him and his hobbies, then mail him off to another country. The person who receives Stanley has to document his adventures and then return him home.

The idea for the story came from Jeff Brown’s sons. One night they asked what would happen if the notice board above them were to fall on them. Brown said that you would wake up flat! This led him to wonder what life might look like in two dimensions, and thus Flat Stanley was born.

Titles in This Set:

Written by Jeff Brown:

  • Flat Stanley
  • Stanley And The Magic Lamp
  • Stanley in Space
  • Invisible Stanley
  • Stanley, Flat Again

Written by Sara Pennypacker:

  • The Big Mountain Adventure
  • The Japanese Ninja Surprise
  • The Amazing Mexican Secret

Written by Josh Greenhut:

  • The African Safari Discovery
  • The Flying Chinese Wonders
  • The Australian Boomerang Bonanza
  • The US Capital Commotion

Description :

Flat Stanley
Stanley Lambchop is an ordinary boy with an extraordinary problem. One night, a giant pinboard falls on top of him, leaving him completely flat. At first, Stanley enjoys the benefits of his strange predicament. It can be fun going in and out of rooms simply by sliding under the door. And it’s a hoot being posted to your friends in California for a holiday. But it’s not always easy being different, and, once the novelty begins to wear off, Stanley wishes he could be just like everybody else again. But how will he ever fill out? A classic comic story which gets children thinking about how it feels to be different.

Stanley And The Magic Lamp
Strange things are always happening to Stanley – especially on the day that he polishes his mum’s lamp and a boy genie pops out of the spout! Mischievous Prince Haraz can grant everyone any wish they choose, and he has great fun helping Mr Lambchop to beat his horrible tennis rival Tom McRude, and helping Mrs Lambchop to become famous! Even better, when Stanley and his brother Arthur can’t decide what pet they want, Prince Haraz creates an amazing brand new pet: a lionphant! But after a while, Prince Haraz starts to miss his own friends and family. Can Stanley find a way to send him home again?

Stanley in Space
Stanley Lambchop is going into space! When the residents of a distant planet send a message to Earth asking for a meeting, the President of the United States chooses Stanley to represent the human race. Stanley and his family will fly into space on the Star Scout, a brand new top-secret spaceship. And that’s not all: he’ll also meet the Queen, have a birthday party in orbit, and save a whole planet of aliens from danger! Oh, that Stanley!

Invisible Stanley
The Lambchops are baffled when Stanley becomes invisible after eating raisins during a storm. The doctor says that eating fruit in bad weather can have strange effects – but he has no idea how to cure Stanley! Invisible Stanley can do amazing things, like foil a daring robbery and perform magic stunts. But can he ever be a normal boy again?

Stanley, Flat Again
Goodness, gracious! You’d think being flat once would be enough for most boys… but not for Stanley Lambchop! When Stanley deflates after bumping into a shelf, he has to get used to living as a flat boy for a second time. Yet again, he has some wonderful adventures: he helps to win the boat race by becoming a human sail, and rescues a classmate from a collapsed building. But the bicycle pump isn’t inflating him anymore. This time, will Stanley have to stay flat FOREVER?

The Big Mountain Adventure
The world’s favourite flat boy is back! The Lambchop family are off on a thrilling holiday to Mount Rushmore, a famous mountain decorated with sculptures of former US presidents. When Flat Stanley and his brother, Arthur, team up with a scrappy cowgirl named Calamity Jasper, their vacation turns into the Wild West adventure of a lifetime! But soon, they find themselves in a really tight spot – even for a flat boy like Stanley…

The Japanese Ninja Surprise
A flat ninja? Stanley and his brother, Arthur, are such huge fans of the movie star ninja Oda Nobu that they decide to send him something even better than fan mail – Stanley himself! Soon enough, Flat Stanley is in Japan, seeing the country with his movie idol. But when trouble surprises them, it will take a real hero to save the day – a hero like Flat Stanley! It’s a good thing they have their ninja moves ready! Meet the world’s first and only flat ninja in this high-kicking Flat Stanley adventure, which marks the return of one of the best-loved characters in children’s literature.

The Amazing Mexican Secret
Special delivery: Danger! When Stanley’s mother needs the secret ingredient for a special recipe, Stanley mails himself to Mexico to track down its mysterious maker. But what will happen when a band of spies threatens to steal the secret?

The African Safari Discovery
Stanley’s not the only flat one… When a flat skull is discovered in Africa, Stanley Lambchop decides to travel there with his brother, Arthur, and their father, George. Maybe studying the skull will give them clues to Stanley’s flatness. But once in Africa, the Lambchops are in for more adventure than they bargained for. From lions to zebras to elephants, it’s the safari of a lifetime!

The Flying Chinese Wonders
Ouch! Flat Stanley has accidentally caused twin acrobats Yin and Yang to take a tumble, right before their Chinese New Year show. Yang’s foot is broken – but luckily, Flat Stanley is flexible enough to take his place. To make up for his mistake, Stanley travels to China – but can he learn all their amazing tricks in time?

The Australian Boomerang Bonanza
G’day, Stanley! Flat Stanley and his brother Arthur have just won a trip to Australia! They fly down under on a private jet and go diving in the Great Barrier Reef. But when Arthur launches him into the air for a game of boomerang, Stanley is accidentally sent spinning off into the heart of the Australian outback!

The US Capital Commotion
Stanley on Parade! Stanley Lambchop has been chosen to receive a medal of honour in the nation’s capital. But once in Washington, DC, Stanley gets swept away by a crowd and separated from his family.

Now he’s on the run in a city filled with monuments – and with shadowy figures on his trail. What’s a flat boy to do?