Shadow of the Fox 3 Books Collection Set By Julie Kagawa - Ages 13+ - Paperback


The Shadow of the Fox is a thrilling fantasy trilogy by New York Times bestselling author Julie Kagawa. This captivating series takes readers on an epic journey through a magical world inspired by Japanese folklore and mythology. From the first book to the last, the Shadow of the Fox trilogy offers an immersive and unforgettable reading experience that will leave you breathless.

Book One: The Shadow of the Fox

The first book in the Shadow of the Fox trilogy introduces readers to a young half-human, half-kitsune (fox spirit) named Yumeko. When her home is destroyed and her mentor is killed, Yumeko embarks on a perilous quest to deliver a sacred scroll to a hidden temple before it falls into the wrong hands. Along the way, she teams up with a stoic samurai named Tatsumi, who has been tasked with stealing the same scroll by the mysterious Shadow Clan. As they journey together, Yumeko and Tatsumi must navigate treacherous landscapes, outsmart dangerous foes, and battle their own growing feelings for each other. With its fast-paced action, complex characters, and rich world-building, The Shadow of the Fox is a must-read for any fan of epic fantasy.

Book Two: Soul of the Sword

In the second instalment of the trilogy, Yumeko and Tatsumi must continue their quest to keep the sacred scroll out of the hands of those who seek to use it for evil. But as they delve deeper into the heart of the enemy territory, they soon realize that there are greater threats at play. A powerful demon has been unleashed upon the land, and it is up to Yumeko and Tatsumi to find a way to stop it before it destroys everything they hold dear. Soul of the Sword is a breathtaking sequel that builds upon the strengths of the first book while introducing new characters, plot twists, and emotional stakes that will keep readers on the edge of their seats.

Book Three: Night of the Dragon

The final book in the Shadow of the Fox trilogy brings Yumeko and Tatsumi's story to a thrilling conclusion. With the fate of the world hanging in the balance, Yumeko and Tatsumi must make one last stand against the forces of darkness. But as they confront their greatest enemy yet, they will be forced to make sacrifices and face heartbreaking betrayals that will test their loyalty and their love for each other. Night of the Dragon is a stunning finale that delivers a satisfying conclusion to the series while leaving readers wanting more.

Overall, the Shadow of the Fox trilogy is a must-read for anyone who loves epic fantasy, Japanese culture, or immersive world-building. Julie Kagawa's prose is elegant and engaging, and her characters are complex and compelling. Whether you're a longtime fan of the genre or a newcomer looking for a fresh take on fantasy, the Shadow of the Fox trilogy is sure to captivate and enchant you. So pick up these books today, and let yourself be transported to a world of magic, adventure, and romance!

Titles in This Set:

  1. Shadow Of The Fox
  2. Soul Of The Sword
  3. Night Of The Dragon

Description from the Publisher:

Shadow Of The Fox

Every millennium the missing pieces of the Scroll of a Thousand Prayers are hunted, for they hold the power to call the great Kami Dragon from the sea and ask for any one wish.

As a temple burns to the ground Yumeko escapes with its greatest treasure – the first piece of the scroll. And when fate thrusts her into the path of a mysterious samurai she knows he seeks what she has.

Kage is under order to kill those who stand in his way, but will he be able to complete his mission? Will this be the dawn that sees the dragon wake?

Soul Of The Sword

Yumeko, the shapeshifter, had one task: take her piece of the ancient and powerful scroll to the Steel Feather temple and prevent the summoning of the great Kami Dragon. But she has a new enemy now.

The demon Hakaimono has escaped and possessed the samurai she thought would protect her, Kage Tatsumi of the Shadow Clan.

Hakaimono has done the unthinkable and joined forces with Genno, the Master of Demons, to break his curse and set himself free. But Genno wishes to overthrow the empire and cover the land in darkness. To do that, he needs only one thing, the scroll Yumeko is hiding.

As the paths of Yumeko and the possessed Tatsumi cross again, the entire empire will be thrown into chaos.

Night Of The Dragon

Kitsune shapeshifter Yumeko has given up the final piece of the Scroll of a Thousand Prayers in order to save everyone she loves from imminent death. Now she and her ragtag band of companions must journey to the wild sea cliffs of Iwagoto in a desperate last-chance effort to stop the Master of Demons from calling upon the Great Kami dragon and making the wish that will plunge the empire into destruction and darkness.

But even with their combined skills and powers, this most unlikely team of heroes knows the forces of Evil may be impossible to overcome.

And there is another player in the battle for the scroll, a player who has been watching, waiting for the right moment to pull strings that no one even realized existed…until now.

About the Author: 

Julie Kagawa is a renowned American author of young adult fantasy and science fiction novels. Born in Sacramento, California, in 1982, Kagawa grew up in a household of book lovers and was encouraged to write her own stories from a young age. She began her writing career by self-publishing a paranormal romance novel, The Iron King, in 2010, which was quickly picked up by a major publishing house and became a New York Times bestseller.

Kagawa's writing is characterized by her ability to create immersive, fantastical worlds that draw heavily on mythology and folklore from around the world. She is also known for her skill in crafting complex, multi-dimensional characters who undergo transformative journeys throughout the course of her novels. In addition to her writing, Kagawa is an avid gamer and has cited video games as a major influence on her storytelling style.

Overall, Julie Kagawa is a talented and beloved author whose contributions to the young adult fantasy genre have earned her a place among the most successful and influential writers of her generation. Her novels continue to captivate and inspire readers of all ages, and her legacy is sure to endure for years to come.