Reading Champions for New Readers 30 Books Set Level 1 to 5 (Beginners Collection Series 1) - Ages 0-5- Paperback


The Reading Champions 30 book beginners set is a must have for children aged 0-5. As they start to become confident readers and practice their speaking skills too - these books are the perfect place to begin. There are short sentences, familiar phrases and a simple flow in each book that children will really start to enjoy as they work their way through the collection. The 30 books have been designed to help children practise and embed their developing reading skills. Parents can start by reading the books, and encourage children to join in as they grow older. This Reading Champions paperback set has 30 titles to choose from in total, covering a range of topics that children can relate to. They remind children to express their own feelings and emotions, talk about adventures and daily routines in a gentle way that helps them to warm to the books. Fiction and picture books are a fantastic way to encourage children to read while they start to use phonics and recognise words on a page. Reading Champion books are designed to appeal to every child, and feature diverse characters, vibrant artwork and contemporary topics. These books are great for a short read and with plenty of titles to choose from, parents can find different books to suit different events that children will enjoy. Reading Champion books prompt young learners to answer questions about the book as they read, ask their own questions and to recap the story or key events at the end which is a fun way to test your child’s memory.  

Reading Champion works alongside any guided reading scheme used in the classroom and guidance notes at the back of each book help parents and carers support independent reading at home, making this series a great choice for boosting your classroom’s reading material or developing reading skills at home. A great benefit of these books is that they can be used to support your child’s literacy learning at preschool as each book has its own band (identified by colour) that is used to categorise reading development in schools. This means you can gradually work your way through the books in terms of difficulty but your child will recognise the same style and the Reading Champion symbol shown below. Reading Champion is an independent reading series with a fresh, modern approach. Developed in consultation with UCL Institute of Education (IOE). Their books have been specifically written for independent reading and are uniquely designed to help children practise and embed their developing reading skills. Here are just some of the benefits for you and your child:

  • support you to offer your child a wide range of books to choose from
  • provide opportunity for your child to use and apply the reading skills they have learned in school
  • use common interests and real-life experiences so that your child can identify with characters and settings
  • use clear sentence structures and accessible vocabulary that your child is able to understand easily
  • use natural language patterns so that books can be read aloud and shared with enjoyment and confidence

Titles in this collection (30)

  • Pink- I Like Red
  • Pink-The Big Box
  • Pink-Tap,Tap
  • Pink-The Toy Shop Train
  • Pink-Granny at The Park
  • Pink-We Like To Play
  • Red-Bob's Cab
  • Red-It Wasn't Me
  • Red-At The Skate Park
  • Red-At The Zoo
  • Red-Look Out
  • Red- A Pet To Play With
  • Yellow- Ahmed And the New Boy
  • Yellow- Hop And Run
  • Yellow-Sam's Super Family
  • Yellow-Hold On To The Mat
  • Yellow-Sid's Stick
  • Yellow-Where are we going 
  • Blue-A windy day 
  • Blue-At night 
  • Blue-Flip the flamingo
  • Blue-Merlin the mouse
  • Blue-Stuck in the mud
  • Blue-Fun at the beach
  • Green-Hippo's birthday
  • Green-The bunk bed
  • Green-Poppy's project
  • Green-Poor bear
  • Green-Letters from grandpa
  • Green-Sandeep and the dragon

Use the book band that your child is reading at school to help them choose a book that is at the right level for their ability. You should decide together whether your child will read the story independently or read it aloud to you. If reading aloud then you should support your child if they hesitate or ask for help. If reading to themselves, remind your child that they can come and ask for help if they get stuck.

Each book contains guidance notes for parents and carers using the books at home. These notes include questions to ask before they start reading, such as “Why did you choose this book? Why do you think you will enjoy it?”, as well as suggested questions and a fun comprehension activity for after they have read the book. These questions aim to help children learn to make good choices when choosing independent reading books, and support their comprehension of the story. Find out more from their official website for Reading Champions

What are book bands?

Books used for guided reading at school are usually assigned a coloured and/or numbered book band to indicate the level of challenge of the book, this helps to track a child’s reading progress.

Reading Champion is linked to book bands to help children select the right level books for independent reading. Key Stage 1 (4-7 year olds or Reception to Year 2) books are indicated by a coloured and numbered band (e.g. Yellow 3). Key Stage 2 books are indicated by the black logo and progress from level 11 (7 year olds or those in Year 3) to level 18 (11 year olds or those in Year 6). If your child is reading book band Turquoise 7 at school, then Reading Champion Turquoise 7 books should offer the right level of challenge for independent reading at home.