Priest Trilogy Series by Sierra Simone 3 Books Collection Set - Fiction - Paperback


Embark on an electrifying journey of love, temptation, and ultimate redemption with the Priest Trilogy series by Sierra Simone! This captivating trilogy takes readers on an unforgettable roller coaster ride through the lives of three complex characters: Father Tyler Bell, the forbidden priest torn between his faith and desire; Poppy Danforth, the irresistible sinner who awakens his darkest desires, and the enigmatic Nora, whose sainthood provides a beacon of hope and redemption. With breathtaking prose and irresistible storytelling, this trilogy pushes boundaries, challenges beliefs, and leaves readers breathless with its raw intensity. Check out our extensive romantic books page or purchase the entire trilogy in stock now at Books2Door. 

In Priest, the first instalment of the trilogy, Sierra Simone introduces us to the conflicted and complex world of Father Tyler Bell, a young and devout Catholic priest. As he navigates the solemnity of his vocation, Tyler finds himself irresistibly drawn to Poppy Danforth, a beautiful and audacious young woman who seeks solace in the confessional. Their connection is immediate and undeniable, shattering the boundaries of their faith and setting in motion a series of events that will test their beliefs, ignite their desires, and challenge everything they thought they knew about themselves.

Simone masterfully weaves a tale of forbidden love, capturing the reader's imagination with her exquisite prose and heart-stopping sensuality. With every turn of the page, the tension between Tyler and Poppy grows, igniting a fire that cannot be extinguished. Their struggle with their desires is palpable, and as their worlds collide, they find themselves questioning everything they once held dear. Can love truly conquer all, even in the face of such forbidden passion? Priest is an enthralling exploration of love, faith, and the complexities of the human heart.

In the second instalment of the trilogy, Sinner, Sierra Simone delves deeper into the tangled web of desire and temptation. As Tyler and Poppy attempt to reconcile their love with the boundaries imposed upon them, they find themselves embroiled in a world of secret societies and dark secrets. Their journey takes them to the heart of Rome, where they must confront their inner demons and fight against a force determined to tear them apart.

Simone's impeccable storytelling takes readers on a thrilling and sensual ride through the underbelly of desire. With vivid descriptions and sizzling chemistry between the characters, Sinner captivates from start to finish. The stakes are higher, the risks are greater, and the consequences of their choices threaten to undo everything they hold dear. Can Tyler and Poppy find a way to overcome the obstacles that stand in their path, or will their love succumb to the darkness that surrounds them?

The breathtaking conclusion to the trilogy, Saint, takes readers on an emotional and spiritual journey of redemption and forgiveness. As the weight of their choices bears down upon them, Tyler and Poppy find solace in the presence of Nora, a woman whose sainthood serves as a beacon of hope and inspiration. Together, they embark on a quest to confront their past and seek forgiveness, both from themselves and from a higher power.

Sierra Simone's poetic prose and profound insights into the human soul shines in Saint. With every word, she weaves a tapestry of love, sacrifice, and the power of redemption. The characters' growth and transformation are beautifully portrayed, as they grapple with their deepest fears and face the consequences of their actions. In the face of insurmountable odds, can they find the strength to reclaim their lives and find peace?

The Priest Trilogy series by Sierra Simone is an exquisite exploration of love, faith, and the complexities of the human heart. With its spellbinding narrative, scorching passion, and profound themes of redemption, this trilogy will leave readers captivated, breathless, and yearning for more. Brace yourself for an unforgettable journey into a world where forbidden desires collide with unwavering faith, and where love, in all its forms, holds the power to transcend the boundaries that confine us. The Priest Trilogy series is a must-read for anyone seeking a truly unforgettable literary experience.

Titles In The Set:

  1. Priest
  2. Sinner
  3. Saint

Preist series books in order:


He's a priest, and here is his confession.

There are many rules a priest can't break. A priest cannot marry. A priest cannot abandon his flock. A priest cannot forsake his God. Tyler Bell has had no problem playing by the rules for the last three years after a family tragedy set him on the path to priesthood. That all changes when the delicious, sultry voice of Poppy Danforth sinks its claws in him through the screen of his confessional booth, and he can't get her sins out of his head.

It should be easy to put his impure thoughts of her to rest, considering the vows Tyler has taken. It should be nothing to overcome what the sight and sound of her does to him, when his life with the Church means everything. But once he has his first forbidden taste of those red lips, Tyler can't help but break all his rules for Poppy-no matter what it might cost them both.


He leads a life of sin, and she's committed to a life of virtue.

Sean Bell is not a good man, and he's never pretended to be. He doesn't believe in goodness, God, or any happy ending that isn't paid for in advance. There are words for men like him: playboy. Womanizer. Skirt-chaser. Sinner. When he meets a gorgeous college girl at a fundraiser, he has no problem telling her exactly what filthy things he wants to do to her until he realizes she's his best friend's little sister, Zenobia "Zenny" Iverson, all grown up. Worse than that...she's also about to become a nun.

Zenny, though, isn't looking to play it safe during her final month of freedom. She wants to make sure choosing God is the right path, and to do that, she propositions Sean to show her every carnal temptation she's leaving behind. Unable to refuse, Sean finds himself falling for her, body and soul, and questioning not just the morals he's dodged for years, but his relationship with the God Zenny has pledged herself to. The only problem is...what if Sean wants Zenny to choose him instead of Him?


It would take a saint to resist Elijah Iverson.

Aiden was the last person in the world anyone expected to become a monk. But the decision to become a monk saved his life, and he's determined to do it right, even if it's taken him from his millionaire party-boy lifestyle...and the love of his life, Elijah Iverson. Four-plus years haven't made letting Elijah go any easier, but at least Aiden hasn't had to come face-to-face with those whiskey eyes and soft mouths since he left. That is, until Elijah shows up on his doorstep, assigned to accompany Aiden on a European monastery road trip for an article he's writing.

The pull is still there between them, but Aiden knows he can't have Elijah back. He broke his heart when he left, and now Elijah's engaged to someone else. Aiden chose God. He chose his vows. Except, between whispered confessions and stolen kisses and moments bent over an ancient altar, those vows are feeling flimsier by the day. Vows or not, it would take a saint to resist Elijah...and Aiden's sure as hell no saint.