Bluey 5 Picture Books Collection Set - Ages 3-7 - Paperback

Title in This Set:

1. Bluey: The Beach
2. Bluey: Goodnight Fruit Bat
3. Bluey: Mum School
4. Bluey: Daddy Putdown
5. Bluey: Camping


Bluey: The Beach
Bluey, Bingo, Mum and Dad are at the beach. While Mum is off for a walk, Bluey discovers a beautiful shell and runs to catch up with her.

What will she discover along the way in her first solo adventure?

Bluey: Goodnight Fruit Bat
"You mean fruit bats don't need to go to bed now?"

It's bedtime, but Bluey doesn't want to go to sleep. She dreams that she's a fruit bat so that she can stay awake ALL NIGHT!

Join Bluey on her bedtime dream-time adventure as she flies through the sky.

Bluey: Mum School
Bluey wants to play Mum School instead of having a bath. But will she be able to rise to the challenge? Join Bluey and Chilli for a pre-bedtime game, where Bluey plays mum to some bouncy balloons.

A funny get-ready-for-bed story, this is the perfect Mother's Day present for any Bluey fan!

Bluey: Daddy Putdown
Get ready for bed with Bluey, Bingo and Bandit!

While Mum's away at a baby shower, Dad pulls out all the stops to keep Bluey and Bingo entertained before bed. But will the daddy putdown go to plan?

Bluey: Camping
Bluey is on a family camping trip, where she makes a new friend, Jean-Luc.

Even though Bluey and Jean-Luc don't speak the same language, they teach each other how to camp, plant trees and hunt a "wild pig".